Corporate Housing Vs Hotels – Which Is Better For Business Travel?

Corporate Housing Offers Long-Term Travelers An Alternative Lodging Solution, Usually Located Within Apartment Communities With Amenities Such As Swimming Pools, Fitness Centers And Lounges.

Our Guests Appreciate The Comfort And Flexibility Of Living In Their Own Furnished Apartments, As Well As Saving Money By Cooking Meals In Their Fully-Equipped Kitchens.


Corporate Housing Can Be More Cost Effective Than Hotels When Planning Long Business Trips Or Month-Long Projects, Thanks To All-Inclusive Pricing And Its Homelike Living Environment. Thanks To Kitchen Facilities, Travelers Can Save On Meals While Avoiding Restaurant Bills; Plus It Provides Space For Conducting Work Without Incurring Costly Conference Room Rentals Costs.

Companies Looking For Corporate Housing Have Several Locations They Can Choose From Depending On Their Requirements. Some Facilities Provide Full Kitchens And Housekeeping Services While Others May Include Fitness Centers Or Laundry Services – Amenities That Allow Employees To Balance Work-Life Obligations While Traveling For Work. Furthermore, Certain Locations Even Provide Shuttle Service Between Local Destinations And Airports, Making Life Even Simpler For Staff Members.

But It Is Important To Remember That Airbnb And VRBO Rentals May Not Always Be Cheaper Than Traditional Hotels. While Airbnb Or VRBO Rentals May Seem More Cost-Effective Initially, Their Hidden Expenses Such As Security Deposits Or Application Fees Could Become More Costly Over Time Than A Hotel Stay. Corporate Housing Often Proves More Cost-Effective For Long-Term Stays Than Airbnb/VRBO Rentals.

As Businesses Strive To Find Cost-Cutting Measures In Travel, More Companies Are Opting To Send Employees Out On Longer Field Assignments. This Saves Both Frequent-Flier Miles And Money On Airfare Costs; Instead Of Flying Back And Forth For Short Visits Every Few Days Or So, Workers Remain For Weeks Or Even Months In One Location And Get All Their Work Completed Efficiently.

As Demand For Temporary Lodgings Increases, Corporate Housing Industry Is Evolving To Meet This Growing Need. While Current Business Housing Models Face Several Obstacles – From Higher Operating Leases And Limited Supply To Newer Concepts Like Aparthotels And Co-Living – Corporate Housing Remains An Excellent Choice For Employees On Short-Term Assignments As These Fully Furnished, Professionally Managed Apartments Provide All Of The Comforts Of Home At A More Cost-Effective Solution Than Hotels.


Business Travelers Have Many Choices When Selecting Temporary Accommodations, From Corporate Housing And Short-Term Rentals To Hotels And Motels. Each Offers Distinct Benefits; Cost, Flexibility And Space Are Among Them – Corporate Housing Provides All These Amenities While Offering More Of A Homelike Atmosphere.

Corporate Housing Provides An Assortment Of Apartment Sizes And Styles – Ranging From Studio Apartments To Four-Bedroom Homes – Making It Easier For You To Select Accommodation That Best Meets Your Needs While Staying Within Your Budget. Furthermore, Corporate Housing Generally Costs Less Per Month Than Hotels; Meaning You’ll Save Money While Enjoying All Of The Comforts Of Home!

Corporate Housing Differs From Traditional Hotels By Featuring Kitchen Facilities That Enable Guests To Cook Meals Themselves And Save Money, Which Makes It An Attractive Option For Frequent Travelers. Furthermore, Corporate Housing Charges Less In Addition Fees Making It A More Cost-Effective Solution Than Hotels For Longer-Term Stays.

Corporate Housing’s Proximity To Local Attractions Is Another Benefit Of Corporate Living. While Weeklies May Be Further Away, Corporate Housing Typically Can Be Found Within Most Neighborhoods Within Each City – Making It Perfect For Business Travelers Who Require Proximity For Meetings Or Events.

Corporate Housing Often Provides More Comfort Than Hotel Rooms Due To Newer, Higher Quality Furniture And Appliances That Come Standard, Plus Utilities Included With Rental. Furthermore, Guests Of Corporate Housing Have Access To State-Of-The-Art Accessibility Features Not Found Elsewhere.

Corporate Housing Offers Guests The Privacy Of Home During Business Travel. Hotels May Provide Limited Space, While Corporate Apartments Feature Private Bedrooms And Bathrooms; Living Areas Are Spacious; Kitchens Come Fully-Equipped – This Makes Corporate Housing The Most Comfortable Option For Extended Stays.


Corporate Housing Companies Typically Offer Amenities Not Found At Hotels, Such As On-Site Laundry Services. Their Rates Often Include Basic Kitchen Appliances And Linens Compared To Hotels; Many Apartments Also Come Equipped With Private Bathrooms And Allow Their Guests To Access The Internet From Within Their Apartment; Furthermore They Are Usually Situated In Quiet Neighborhoods Near Public Transportation Or Have Pools Or Gyms To Help Their Guests Relax.

Accessing Schools And Everyday Amenities Is Of Utmost Importance When Relocating, Especially With Children. Hotels Do Not Make For Ideal Family Living Conditions And Relocating Employees Will Feel Disconnected From Their Regular Routines. Corporate Housing Offers A Solution By Offering Furnished Apartments In Established Residential Neighborhoods Or Revitalized Downtown Districts That Provide Furnished Apartments – Unlike Extended Stay Hotels These Communities Typically Boast Longterm Residents, Creating A Stronger Sense Of Community Than Can Be Found In An Extended-Stay Hotel Setting.

Corporate Housing Can Be More Cost-Effective And Comfortable Than Hotels Or Vacation Rentals For Longer Stays, Unlike Their More Transient Alternatives. Corporate Housing Is Especially Suitable For Professionals Moving For Work Such As Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants And Bankers As Well As Families Relocating Due To A Loved One’s Medical Emergency; In These Instances It’s Crucial That A Housing Provider Be Found That Can Offer Housing Near Where Medical Facilities Are Located.

Corporate Housing Companies Generally Provide Additional Amenities Beyond Those Mentioned Above, Including Concierge Services Which Are Particularly Beneficial When Relocating Employees; Housekeeping, Laundry And Cleaning Services Which Make Settling In Easier During Their Stay; Some Even Provide Vehicles So Guests Can Travel Around Town More Freely!


Hotel Rooms May Not Always Be The Best Solution For Business Travelers Needing Temporary Lodging For Longer Than A Few Days, Especially If Work Demands Are High And Personal Time Is Limited.

Corporate Housing (Also Referred To As Furnished Apartments Or Serviced Accommodations) Provides An Ideal Solution For Anyone Who Must Be Away From Home For An Extended Period. With Amenities Like Private Kitchen Facilities, Laundry Machines And Internet Access Included In Each Turnkey Rental Contract, Corporate Housing Provides More Comfort And Convenience Than Traditional Hotels.

Corporate Housing’s Prime Location Is Another Attractive Feature; Hotels May Be Conveniently Placed, Yet Far From Restaurants And Other Attractions; In Contrast, Corporate Housing Typically Resides Near Grocery Stores And Other Amenities That Make Getting Around Easier Than Hotels; Furthermore, Corporate Housing Often Costs Less Than Hotels, Making It Ideal For Budget Travelers.

Hotels Tend To Be Noisy And Close To Busy Roads, Which Can Be Distracting For People Working From Home Or Wanting A Relaxing Retreat Experience. Corporate Housing Tends To Be Quieter And Near Parks Or Other Leisure Activities That Make The Experience More Pleasurable.

Corporate Housing Costs Depend On The Length Of Stay; Typically It Is Cheaper Than Hotels And Often Includes Kitchenettes That Save On Meals Compared To Hotels. Therefore, Corporate Housing Offers Business Travelers Looking For An Affordable Place Away From Their Families While Away At Work The Ability To Create A Home-Away-From-Home Experience With Everything From Studio Apartments Up To Four-Bedroom Apartments Available For Extended Stays.